BIMprove has contributed to the White Paper recently published by the Sphere H2020 project on Ontologies and Building Digital Twins. 


A review of existing ontologies in construction is presented (updated September 2022). Motivation, alignments and final applications with special interest on methodologies. Software Tools are presented in an Appendix. Some use cases are presented with different orientations. Final conclusions are oriented to new paths to follow in future developments, considering other technologies and commercial solutions nowadays. More than new ontologies the use of existing ontologies as DICon could help to standardize and make an ontologies map for construction possible. Progress with standards, as mentioned in a specific chapter about status of group CEN442 WG4, is essential to get a good level of interoperability, but it faces complex technical challenges. And the most sophisticated and perfect implementation sometimes means a non-practical approach, and too rigid to be used by the industry.






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