BIMprove’s partner VTT is working on developing our BIM@Construction tool. This first functional prototype is being introduced to the public through this videoMain idea behind BIM@Construction concept application is use of BIM as digital twin data in immersive XR devices at the construction site. This video shows HoloLens 2 and Tablet version. In both versions user can have the 1st person or 3rd person view to digital twin data. In the 1st person view, user can see information from digital twin in real scale, e.g. located in a real room. In the 3rd person view, user can explore digital twin in free distance, e.g., zoom in and out. In both versions user is able to switch on/off layers e.g. wiring lines, structures, … Also, structure opacity could be adjust. HoloLens 2 version has also dedicated tools for reporting issues and measure distances.