Digital Twin in BIMprove is defined as an integrated, multi-scale, probabilistic simulation of a complex construction and uses the best available physical models (BIM), sensor updates, historical data, user inputs, etc. to mirror the life of its corresponding twin. The main objective with the Digital Twin in BIMprove is to go beyond the static Building Information Modelling and provide the necessary dynamics in order to follow a life-cycle of a building asset. The main benefits from such Digital Twin are that the situation at the construction site can be easily monitored, resources can be scheduled and that work planning is enhanced, offering flexibility, safety and better productivity.

The Digital Twin extends the BIM with a rolling time-line:

  • Changes made on a daily basis could be tracked back, when and why happened and if the changes are approved.
  • Personnel, equipment, vehicles are traced, providing insight in efficiency, utilisation and availability in anonymous form.
  • Progress reporting on a daily basis with reference to all work executed on the day.
  • Design changes are introduced in a traceable form.
  • Look-ahead with multiple scenarios, based on planning data and available resources.

The Digital Twin extends the BIM to be accessible to all stakeholders:

  • Information is presented according to the requirements and function of the stakeholder.
  • Access control, filtering, in single system.