BIMprove project will invest in the development of a system that promotes fast-track productivity by cutting costs and improving working conditions by employing 3D model-based BIM systems in combination with a digital twin technology to the construction sector, constituting a dynamic and multi-functional system based on real-time data. The technology will enable a real-time status overview of all construction sites, facilitating the early identification of errors and their remediation at the lowest possible cost. It will also be possible to control resource scheduling and transactions in real time, hence, ensuring high levels of construction site security and efficient adherence to, and adaptation of, work schedules, according to need.

The technology is actualised using ground-based robots and unmanned aerials vehicles (UAVs) to monitor site status and detect deviations that can be used to update the digital twin and the underlying BIM model. It will facilitate the anonymous tracking of site personnel, thus enabling both the system and personnel supervisors to optimize resource allocation, personnel flow, and worker safety. The BIMprove system will be easily accessible to all stakeholders in the form of various user interfaces, including the provision of notifications to site workers via wearable devices, and to supervisors via virtual reality (VR) visualisations. The system will be a cloud-based service with a layered structure, enabling the addition of future extensions, as required.

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