The BIMprove project consortium was in Stuttgart last week for an Integration meeting, a perfect occasion to discuss and build upon the results of our project and establish the roadmap for the last six months of BIMprove.

During the three-day meeting, more than 30 team members of partner organisations gathered together to integrate discussions and see first-hand the project’s successes and challenges. Watch the mash-up video we prepared for you!


First day, a Hackathon spree!

BIMprove demonstrators cover stationary, ground- and UAV-based data acquisition systems; augmented reality (AR) visualisation of BIM model; application of multi-user virtual reality (VR); computer vision model for detection of safety structures in the construction site; mapping of point clouds to IFC elements; and web front end. For the last months of integration of the BIMprove technology developed, during the first day of the Stuttgart Integration Meeting, we run several Hackathons to finetune and keep improving the BIMprove applications.

To finalise the first day, the team visited one of the largest and most complex infrastructure projects in Europe: the Stuttgart 21 project, that will transform how railways pass through the city’s centre… when it finishes.

Watch this video to learn more about Stuttgart 21.

Second day, time to exploit our project!

The second day was about working on the impact and exploitation of the project. Our colleagues Dag Fjeld Edvardsen from CATENDA and Caroline Cheng from SINTEF, organised a very interactive workshop where all the partners could work together on defining the potential business models for each of the key exploitable results of the project.

Moreover, Carmen Serna from AUSTRALO run a set of interviews to several team members to boost the impact generation of the project. How do you think the project results and technologies concretely will transform the European construction industry of tomorrow? What is an aspect that you would like to highlight of the project’s social impact? What do you see in the horizon for BIMprove?

You will see the interviews in our social media in the following months!

Third day, setting up objectives and results!

In the final day of our 3-day meeting, we deep dived into the status and results of our three demos: reviewed our progress, discussed our findings, and prepared for the final review meeting next June, where we’ll showcase the amazing work that we’ve accomplished together. We made a great progress and set plans for the last months of our project and beyond the project lifetime!


In summary, we have had an amazing 3 days of collaboration, learning, and innovation, and we are thrilled with the progress we have made so far. The BIMprove team is grateful for the opportunity to collaborate and innovate with our talented team, and we are looking forward to sharing our results with the wider community. The future of BIM in large-scale projects is bright, and we’re proud to be at the forefront of this exciting revolution.


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