The construction industry shows high workplace accidents than other sectors, in Europe it is at the forefront of fatal and non-fatal accidents ahead of traffic. One of the main points of action to reduce the accidents is to improve the prevention management by all the involve actors, the analysis tools and training are clue to get this objective.

A common risk detection methodology, related with fall and fire risk, is designed for the three demo sites based on the experience of the industrial partners, and supported by inspections made by robots and humans, that will let BIMprove to notify workers that they are exposed to different situation with different risk impact.

One of the main objectives of BIMprove is to significantly increase the safety of people on the construction site by tracking people and monitoring potentially dangerous conditions and it could be achieved through the identification and definition of risk and safety assessment methods that will be implemented in BIMprove, the methodology presented is based on a study that sum up all the possible situations that could merge into an accident related with fall and fire risk in a construction site.

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