The XR Viewer is one of the user interfaces (UIs) of the BIMprove System.

The XR Viewer is designed to be a multi-device software. Its multi-device purpose can be seen in the user interface, which is designed so that one can interact with 2D touch, mouse, as well as with 3D interactions. Therefore, the user interface is not as highly specialized on one specific device as it could be, but all functions are represented with very similar interactions throughout all devices. This will help users to access the XR Viewer from different devices and find user interactions they already know, as well as users helping each other inside a multi-user session even if they are on different devices.

The Desktop version of the XR Viewer is meant for a context of use (e.g. BIM@OffSiteOffice) where an HMD is either not available or not practical to use for other reasons. The software is the same as the VR version, except that the desktop navigation uses keyboard and mouse instead of an HMD and controllers.

Did you miss our video demo with Antonio, Hamza, Matthias and Melissa?

The purpose of this video is to demonstrate the multi-user, multi-location and multi-device features of the XR Viewer developed by the University of Stuttgart IAT and the Fraunhofer IAO in the BIMprove project. These features do work as shown in the video.

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Read the ‘User interface software and interface description’ Deliverable recently submitted.

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