Position markers for digital applications on construction sites, structural monitoring and BIM-applications

What is this about?

I want to try how it works!

Here are three examples:

123: a very small, minimal version

– only 100mm crosshair distance
– essential amount of read-out data

124: a standard version

– 150mm crosshair distance
– standard amount of read-out data

125: a large version

– 200mm crosshair distance
– full set of read-out data
– demonstrates password protection:
   User: CWA Password: 125

Try it with your smartphone!

The QR code sends the surveyors data of the marker to the machine reading it.

How does it work in detail?

Where do I get the markers?

Download the marker templates and start using them!


Do you need more information?

Read the CWA Document before trying our markers!


Provide feedback

Until 18 August 2023, you can hand in comments directly to DIN ( and propose changes.
Please feel free to use the commenting form.
You will be invited to an online meeting on 2023-08-22 14:00 to discuss your comments.

If you want to provide feedback or receive additional information about the BIMprove markers, please send an email to