During 19th April until 24th April, partners from ZHAW, Catenda and SINTEF visited the Fyrstikkbakken construction site in Oslo with the purpose to run some more tests about scheduling for the BIMprove Project’s Pilot Use Cases (PUC), to gather more results before the end of the project.

Scheduling ahead of time lets you understand when risky work (such as demolition) might need to take place. You can proactively ensure that all of the necessary safety resources will be on hand while also removing extra and unnecessary resources from the site so that they are not in the way. During our PUC visit in Oslo, the test workflows for scheduling were the following:

  • BCF Scan request
  • Drone scan
  • Point cloud upload with filename referencing the scan-request-BCF
  • Test workflows for safety feature detection

The area around Fyrstikkbakken 14 is absolutely stunning, with a perfect combination of nature and urban recreation opportunities. If you are curious about the area, you can learn more about this new neighborhood here.

From the pictures below, you can follow the intense week we had:

1. Dag and Torvald at the construction site.

2. Placing the new markers.

3. The construction site from the top of one of the buildings.

4. Ruprecht gathering some data.

5. BIMprove markers.

6. 14D-Fyrstikkbakken-Living-Room

7. 14D-Fyrstikkbakken-Bedroom

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