BIMprove consortium is very happy to share with our network a draft CWA (CEN Workshop Agreement) about “Position markers for digital applications on construction sites, structural monitoring and BIM-applications”. A CWA can be understood as a pre-standard which is valid for up to six years with the aim to serve as a basis for a full standard.

A few months ago, a working committee with members of the BIMprove team together with external experts was organised to prepare the CEN Workshop Agreement. This CWA standardises markers to be used by modern digital applications: devices like (laser-) scanners, autonomous vehicles, augmented reality devices and others, that are increasingly used by the construction industry. They all require precise geometric information of some reference points to determine their own position and orientation.

The CWA now offers a standardised procedure allowing surveyors to provide this geometric data and to make it available in an efficient way. By defining the layout of markers, the working procedure and also a standardised way of human-/machine-readable data transfer, the CWA will help with integrating new technologies into the construction industry. It also ensures that everybody works in the correct project coordinate system, thus helping to reduce error potential and workload.

The position markers defined in this document aim to further connect the worlds of surveyors, drone/robot operators and AR/VR applicants. By using the markers, the coordinates of already measured points can be read out at any time and the high precision of measured points can easily be used by drones and VR technology. The markers have been developed in a joint effort by surveyors, BIM managers, drone specialists, VR experts and BIM software developers.

To learn how the position markers work in detail, do not miss the following video:

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Please feel free to download the draft CWA and to hand in comments to until 18 August 2023 using the commenting form. Interested colleagues are also kindly invited to the final meeting of the CEN Workshop on 22 August 2023 14:00, online.

Official information is also available here.

Further information, including examples and best practices are available at our brand-new page:

The CWA will be a valuable tool for BIM stakeholders, as construction companies, software providers for BIM visualization, planner engineers (architects, civil engineers, …), Geo-data capturers, surveyors, UXV operators, software providers dealing with BIM, GIS, and “on site superlocal” machines/devices/systems such as drones. The final version will be presented to the public for consultation and comment and its final version published in autumn 2023.

Looking forward to hearing from you!