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Choosing between remote and face-to-face features in a test setting: methodology used in two usability and user experience case studies

Authors: Marja Liinasuo; Timo Kuula; Vladimir Goriachev; Kaj Helin

Abstract: Remote test settings have become more common due to COVID-19. This paper presents two user tests focusing on the usability and user experience of an augmented reality-related solution. We describe the proceeding of the tests from the perspective of what has been conducted face-to-face and remotely. Thereafter, the appropriateness of the used test methodology is evaluated based on (i) the acquired results, (ii) the ease of using and understanding the methods and (iii) the test atmosphere. The physical presence of a person providing technical support to the test participant proved vital for augmented reality-related testing; the location of other test organisers appears more indifferent. Finally, we present the perspectives to contemplate when choosing between face-to-face and remote features in the test setting.

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