In order to define the BIMprove Digital Twin, we need to address not only the technical challenges, but business challenges as well:

  • Processes throughout the building life-cycle needs to be mapped, analysed and aligned with the Digital Twin
  • Common vocabulary (e.g. Digital Construction Ontologies
  • Privacy of workers (e.g. efficiency measurements shall never be traceable back to individuals)
  • Future-proof design (e.g. extensible)

BIMprove Business Logic (BBL) is layer-based approach to explore how and which information is needed from external sources or from other layers with the aim of digitising and thus optimising the entire construction process. Layer services form an open and extensible system in accordance with the mechanisms, data structures and interaction scenarios.

We can divide the BIMprove Business Logic (BBL) layers, based on the intended use into two groups:

  • Information about the building
  • Processes, which process the data, but cannot directly interfere with the building data