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BIM@SiteOffice: Comparing IFC and point clouds in Multiuser VR – Workflows and Tools

Authors: Jörg Frohnmayer; Frank Sulzmann; Matthias Aust; Jan-Filip Kvrgic; René Hellmuth; Cora Lenz

The BIMprove (BIMprove 2022) system’s goal is to enable Digital Twins in the construction phase by addressing two main challenges. The first challenge is combining information from the physical object with building information modeling (BIM) models in a precise overlay of as planned data versus as built data. Doing this requires combining BIM planning information with as-built data collected during the construction and switching from a georeferenced position to a local position to visualize this information in the BIM. As-built data is obtained with laser scans from robots and photogrammetry from day-ahead planned drone flights and is stored as point clouds inside the BIMprove system’s backend. To create a reliable overlay, BIMprove’s partners have come up with a marker-based solution in which physical markers on site and virtual ones in the BIM model are automatically detected and aligned.

Page 67-72

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