The BIMprove project participated in the Sustainable Places Conference 2022 that took place in Nice, France. 

Wednesday 7th, September 2022

Our project representatives Gábor Sziebig and Wojciech Tecław participated in the workshop: Ontologies in Digital Twin: Methodology, Lessons Learned and Practical Approach, which was co-organised by the Building Digital Twin Association (BDTA) and 6 EU-funded projects that develop a construction-phase digital-twin data model, and their ontological representation, capable of capturing all data requirements for the digital representation of building and/or infrastructure construction sites.


Gabor Sziebig, leader of Robotics and Automation group at SINTEF Manufacturing, senior member of the IEEE and coordinator of the BIMprove H2020 project, was responsible for the opening of the workshop and gave the floor to the Horizon2020 projects presentation: COGITO, BIM2TWIN, SPHERE, BIMERR, ASHVIN an BIM4EEB.


Our colleague Wojciech Tecław, as well from SINTEF led the session ‘Building Digital Twin Hub, The Digital Twin work-flow in practice’ and shared the main developments of the BIMprove project after 2 years of implementation. The main functionality of BIMprove is an extensive semi-automated data acquisition of various sizes and its processing. Mainly geometry data, but also photos, thermal image data, data of people and devices are captured or recorded.

Wojciech shared that beside the Proof of Concept test, ongoing work with the establishment of BIM@SiteOffice prototypes for the 3 pilot use-case are ongoing, which is the cornerstone of the project. 

Sustainable Places prides itself on being an ideal platform for the dissemination of research, the conduct of workshops, EU project clustering and networking between stakeholders of all types and #BIMprove project is very proud of having participated in its 10th annual edition hosted in Nice, France.  

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