On November 2022, BIMprove project partners travelled to Lausanne (Switzerland) to visit the construction site where the Pilot Use Case ‘’ Fire protection with BIMprove’’ is being implemented.

Last week, BIMprove technical partners met in Luasanne, Switzerland, to visit the construction site and run several tests for technology demonstration.

On Wednesday 23, November, 2020, Antonio Lopez-Rios, BIM-Manager at HRS Real Estate SA took the team all geared-up to the construction site for a short introduction and tour. The building will have over 400 apartments plus one office building

During the visit, VTT set up the AR test room and the team tested the AR equipment. Despite a lot of building materials in the test room and bad lighting conditions, localization and alignment of the AR model in and to the room worked extremely well and much faster than expected.


During the day, the team was involved in several activities:

  • Matthias Aust from Fraunhofer IAO set up the VR equipment in the office and introduced some team members how to handle it. With help of VR, the comparison of the BIM model with a point cloud taken at the construction site revealed a deviation of a bend in an air duct.
  • Ruprecht Altenburger from ZHAW worked on how to process IR images as well as how to assign them the correct position directly from the drone using Quaternions. A thermal image based BCF generation was tested successfully, still some steps to fully automate, but shows promising results.
  • Miguel Saura from Robotnik prepared the robot for deployment on the construction site.

On Thursday 24, November, 2022, VTT carried out tests and interviews with 5 users in the test room. Three of those are working on the site on a daily basis, two were collaborating as BIM managers. The tests aimed to identify how previously AR-inexperienced people interact with the technology, how they are able to manipulate the holograms and how they experience the BIMprove technology. Subsequently, interviews with the test persons were conducted in order to learn about their experiences, and get input about the technology’s applicability, weaknesses, strengths, suggestions for improvements etc.

During this day:

  • The team run 3D scans with Matterport camera and Leica Lidar on the Robotnik robot. Dag, Antonio and Johannes made scans of 2 apartments and the corridor in the ground floor of building M12 while at the same time Miguel and Wojciech made scans with the robot and the Leica Lidar in one of those apartments and one additional one. The resulting point clouds can be subsequently compared.
  • Ruprecht tested shortly how the drone can fly in a difficult environment (the test room in building M12).


On Friday 24, November, 2022, BIMprove hosted the bi-weekly virtual meeting and the partners involved in the PUC in Lausanne updated the rest of the consortium the ongoing works and results.

As a final remark, it is worth to highlight the words shared by our colleague Johannes G. Brozovsky, PhD | Research Scientist at SINTEF Community:

The BIMprove team has made extremely impressive progress along the project. For me as a person with limited understanding and previous knowledge of BIM, AI, AR/VR, UAVs, Digital Twins etc., the technologies from the PUC in Lausanne were an eye-opener and simply inspiring!

We invite you to watch this summary video about our Lausanne Pilot Use Case

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