The BIMprove Implementation Cycle of processes

In previous articles we have been analysing the main components of the BIMprove data architecture and the usability of this innovative solution. In this new column, we will explain the main features of the BIMprove cycle of processes and how the system is implemented.

The BIMprove cycle starts at the design phase creating the foundations of the Digital Twin and finalises when the final user can benefit from BIMprove at the construction site with the four main goals that have been described for this project:

  • Better scheduling (20% forecast)
  • Better allocation of resources and optimization of equipment usage
  • Reduced number of accidents
  • Lowered costs by 20%

The whole cycle can be easily understood as a six-step schema, where user’s perspective is taken into account:

BIMprove Cycle Definitions:

  1. Sources & data capture: this refers to the first work that need to be executed by humans and machines in order to provide a deliverable for Bimprove, such as: BIM models, construction scheduling, drones flights, etc.
  2. Inputs: data that have been created or captured are imported into Bimprove such as: IFC files, point-clouds, pictures, etc. in order to create the digital twin
  3. Processing: the back-end and the computer process to analyse and combine data: checking BIM models geometry and scheduling data with point-clouds or using automatic recognition on pictures, etc.
  4. Outputs: the processed data that can be used by the end user: 3D visualization, data analyses visualization, notifications, etc.
  5. Human workflow: This is how the digital twin, that is built on BIMprove, is going to be used by humans and how the conventional tasks, habits and workflows are going to be impacted and modified
  6. Improvements: This is to evaluate and define which are exactly the benefits of BIMprove in the everyday work and which is the added value that BIMprove represents.


In the frame of the BIMprove project, we are deploying three use cases as a real-life testbeds for all BIMprove solutions. During the next months, our partners AF Gruppen (Oslo, Norway), VIAS (Madrid, Spain) and HRS (Lausanne, Switzerland) will test the BIMprove functionalities in the appointed construction sites of each of the industrial partner to make sure that they will meet industry standards.

Get to know more about the BIMprove pilots here.

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