The BIMprove project participated in the 19th EuroXR International Conference – EuroXR 2022 – organised at the Haus der Wirtschaft, in Stuttgart, Germany during 14-16 September 2022.

The focus of EuroXR conference is on novel VR/AR/MR technologies, including software systems, display technology, interaction devices, and applications. Besides papers on the latest scientific results and highlights from many application fields, the EuroXR conference series aims at creating a unique human-dimension framework, interconnecting European and international XR communities, for knowledge cross-fertilisations between researchers, technology providers, and end-users.


Our project representatives (see the picture below) participated in the Application session 1 – Special session: XR Based GUI Concept and its applications for BIM Digital Twin Data Visualization.


With Gábor Sziebig as a Chair, the session included several presentations where BIMprove members explained the core of the project which is the Digital Twin, based on BIM and as-built information system with the following outstanding features:

  • Data aggregation of point clouds via cloud services in near real-time and generating the Digital Twin (a dynamic metrical building model)
  • Using robots as smart connected objects which are deeply integrated in the surrounding infrastructure of information and communication systems and automated processes at construction sites
  • Use of multi sensor / multi robot for on-site data acquisition (stationary laser scanners, machinery-based laser scanners (crane etc.), mobile robot-based laser scanners, drone (quadcopter) based laser scanners) and worker safety.

The solution extends the 3D-based Building Information Modelling (BIM) systems with Digital Twin Technology,  introducing a much more dynamic and multi-functional system, reliant on real-time data. In short, the BIMprove solution helps the construction industry to solve long-standing problems such as decreasing productivity, dangerous environment for workers, negative environmental impact and budget misalignment with real expenditures.

It has been a pleasure being in Stuttgart and participating for the third time in the EuroXR Conference as a BIMprove project and consortium.

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