Last 8 March, 2023, our colleague Prof. Dr. Ruprecht Altenburger, from ZHAW Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften School of Engineering, attended the 8th Digital Real Estate Summit that took place at the Campussaal, Uuniverity of Applications North West Switzerland, in Brugg-Windisch.

In this Summit, the designers of the digital world meet the experts of the real estate industry. The event offers the unique opportunity to get to know the latest market and technology developments and to examine their relevance for one’s own company and organisation.

The Digital Real Estate Summit is THE platform for all players in the real estate industry who see the digital world as an opportunity and want to open up new business opportunities or develop existing ones. An exhibition of digital products and systems that anticipate the future of the real estate industry shows what is already in practice today.

It is a great success for the BIMprove project to be part of the digital transformation of the building sector and have the chance to showcase our technology in relevant industry events like this one. 

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