BIMprove project has participated in the 18th EuroXR conference that took place in Milan (virtually), from the 24th to the 26th of November 2021, and was organized by CNR-STIIMA, to support the competitiveness of the manufacturing sector through the innovation of factories and their production, enhancing human knowledge and innovation capacity.

BIMprove has presented the following two abstracts:

This extended abstract introduces the eXtented Reality (XR) based graphical user interface (GUI) concept for the construction of Digital Twin Model. The abstract also describes Augmented Reality (AR) tool called BIM@Construction, which is part of GUI concepts and visualizes digital twin data on a construction site.

This extended abstract describes a multi-user-VR-system (later multi-user-XR) developed within the European Commission funded H2020 project called “BIMprove – Improving Building Information Modelling by Realtime Tracing of Construction Processes” (BIMprove, 2021). It is an update on last year’s EuroVR application track poster “BIMprove User Interfaces: Multi-User-XR for construction”.

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