BIMprove participates with its sister projects in a joint workshop about Ontologies in Digital Twins, which are the foundation of digital transformation in the construction industry sector.

On 3th May 2023, BIMprove project was present at the 3rd BDTIC International Congress dedicated to Building Digital Twins and organised by the Building Digital Twin Association.

Represented by our colleague Wojciech Teclaw from SINTEF, we had the opportunity to share BIMprove achievements and results to different stakeholders at The Beacon in Antwerp (Belgium).

The AECOO –Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Operation, Owners- sector must embrace a new scenario that provides more efficiency, productivity, and cost optimization. During the morning, there were 4 workshops dedicated to: Ontology and Semantics, Building Digital Twin for Infrastructures, Sister projects (Digichecks) and Privacy and Metrics. In the afternoon, Mr. Teclaw could listen to 4 keynotes speakers and 10-minute presentations and a Round Table to address Digital Twin Urban issues, Uses Cases, European Projects.

BIMprove participated in the workshop dedicated to Ontology and Semantics where Wojciech shared the work developed by the project on this matter enabling us to develop the BIMprove digital twin solution from a proven starting point, focusing on solving business problems.

In the picture below, we can see Wojciech Teclaw during his presentation.

More info about the event:

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