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BIM digital twin visualization in XR – Novel GUI concept

Authors: Kaj Helin; Vladimir Goriachev; Jaakko Karjalainen; Timo Kuula; Marja Liinasuo; Matthias Aust

This extended abstract introduces the novel graphical user interface (GUI) concept for the visualization of Digital Twin Model in eXtended Reality (XR). The first version of the GUI concept has been introduced earlier (Helin et al., 2021). Based on the user evaluation of the BIMprove XR systems, the novel GUI has been updated. The abstract also describes BIM@Categories, which includes six (6) different GUIs to access Digital Twin Model. Work has been done in a European Commission funded H2020 project called “BIMprove – Improving Building Information Modelling by Realtime Tracing of Construction Processes” (BIMprove, 2022).

Page 59-62

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